Bid campaigns are in full swing!

The bidding campaigns for the September and October tournaments are in full swing. And it is already clear that hundreds of teams from at least 4 countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Moldova) will take part in the III season of the International Online Chess Business League. Recall that the first tournament of the season - the Cup "Science and Technology" will be held on September 17. Next will be CHESS Fuel and Energy Complex (September 24), the Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering Cup (October 8), CHESS TRANSPORT (October 15) and the Chemistry and Petrochemistry Cup (October 22). In total, 8 industry tournaments are planned for the new season, a tournament without reference to the industry - BlitzBusinessChess and the final tournament, which will be held on December 17. The format of the tournaments has not changed. You can read it briefly at the link:  Maestro Roman Ovechkin will comment on chess battles live!

You can check the details with the head of the League - Viktor Bezmaternykh, ; +7(929)3799650