The Sber team is the new champion of the International Online Chess Business League. Bankers (composed of: Evgeny Kretov. Arman Geyvondyan, Maxim Lavrov) we were in the group of leaders for the first half of the final tournament, but closer to the decisive matches we confidently "staked out" the first line, systematically increasing the gap from numerous pursuers. However, in the last 11 round of the "Swiss", "Sber" held the least successful, gaining 1.5 points out of 3 possible, which allowed the Chelyabinsk team to catch up with the bankers Departmental protection of railway transport on the South Ural Railway (Vladimir Tambov, Anatoly Bazhin, Sergey Fomin), which scored three out of three in the decisive round. Thus, both teams scored 24 points out of 33 possible, but according to additional indicators, "Sber" still remained on the top line. Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy (Timofey Ilyin, Ayur Ludoev, Marat Maslov) closed the top three winners, 2.5 points behind the first and second places.

In total, 64 teams of enterprises from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus took part in the final tournament of the International Online Chess Business League based on the results of six qualifying industry tournaments. The best non-Russian team was the chess players of the enterprise from the Kazakh Atyrau - Tengizchevroil, who took 7th place. They were ahead of last year's champions from the Angarsk Petrochemical Company, headed by the famous International master Dmitry Obolenskikh. The Angarians this time became the eighth. Full tables with personal and team results can be found on the League's website at the link: