The Science and Technology Cup - 2022 ended with the triumph of PGNIU

The team of Perm State National Research University confidently won the International Online Tournament - the Cup "Science and Technology", which was attended by 79 (!) teams of employees of organizations in the IT/telecom industry, science and education, high-tech enterprises from Russia, Kazakhstan and the USA. The winners are Ivan Volodin (first place on the first board), Artem Polonsky (third place on the second board) and Dmitry Radostev (second place on the third board). The teams of RFNC-VNIIEF (Sarov, consisting of Marat Suleymanov, Mikhail Naumov, Yuri Sheverdin) and Rostelecom (Moscow, consisting of: Egor Kharitonov, Alexander Mityushev and Tatiana Fatyanova). In addition to the above ten teams, Rostelecom -2 (Moscow), UOMZ (Yekaterinburg), Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don), Moscow State Technical University (Moscow), ISS IM also made it to the final tournament of the International Online Chess Business League, which will be held on December 17. Reshetneva (Krasnoyarsk), FunBox (Moscow), Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk), Red Banner (Ryazan), Rubius (Tomsk), Rostelecom-Solar (Moscow)