The teams of banks were ahead of everyone at the Blitz business Chess - 2022

On Saturday, December 10, the III International Online Chess Tournament - Blitz Business Chess - 2022 took place. According to its results, 8 more finalists of the III senzon of the International Online Chess Business League were determined. Chelyabinsk chess players from Cheliabvestbank finished first with a score of 20.5 points out of 27 possible (as part of: Vadim Matsenko, Elena Matsenko, Denis Kurochkin). The second were chess players from Azerbaijan - the International Bank of Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan: Rauf Hajili, Rasul Mansimli, Emin Maharramli). The Azerbaijanis, who were leading the entire tournament, eventually fell one point behind the winners. Bronze medalists from the Russian Post (Moscow, consisting of: Vladimir Khaustov, Andrey Chekusov, Pavel Beketov). In addition to the winners, the teams of Novosibirsk RCDM, Beeline, Sukhoi Design Bureau, TNC SB RAS and the Department of Transport and Development of DTI of Moscow also passed to the final

The final tournament will be held on December 17 on the online platform / The tournament starts at 10:00 Moscow time.