Pervouralsky novotrubny plant - the new winner of the Cup "Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering"

On Saturday, March 4, the IV Cup "Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering" was held as part of the IV season of the International Online Chess Business League. 26 teams of enterprises from Russia and Kazakhstan took part in the tournament. As a result of an interesting and persistent confrontation with a length of 9 rounds, the victory was celebrated by the PNTZ team (Pervouralsk, consisting of: Sergey Sintikovsky, Andrey Tataurov, Aidar Sharipov) with a score of 22 points out of 27 possible. The second were the chess players of UOMZ (Yekaterinburg, with the composition: Roman Zhilchenko, Stepan Balashov, Dmitry Perevozkin). Yekaterinburg scored one point less than Pervouralians. And with the result of 18 out of 27, the third place was shared by two more Ural teams. The bronze went to the Gaisky GOK team (Guy, as part of: Dmitry Fatyanov, Alexey Voytin, Sergey Ganzhenko) and the RUSAL Krasnoturinsk team lost to them by the coefficient, which nevertheless also reached the final tournament. And the final of the IV season, we recall, will be held on April 22.