VSMPO-AVISMA - winner of the V All-Russian Online Chess Tournament - Cup of Industry - 2023

On Saturday, November 25, an online chess tournament - the "Cup of Industry" - 2023 was held on the Lichess online platform. The victory was won by the VSMPO-AVISMA team (Verkhnyaya Salda, consisting of Roman Novoselov, Alexander Devaev, Evgeny Tretyakov). This is the first victory of titanium manufacturers in more than two years at our tournaments. After winning the OPK - 2021 Cup, the Uralians had three bronze medals and now - gold again! Only in terms of additional indicators, other metallurgists from NLMK (Lipetsk, consisting of: Ivan Morev, Maxim Trofimov, Alexander Shipulin) became second. And the bronze went to chemists from Volgograd, the Caustic team (consisting of Zinnur Rakhimov, Andrey Urban, Ulyana Kulygina). Volgograd scored 24.5 points out of 33 possible and lagged behind the winners by 1 point.

In addition to the winners, the following teams made their way to the final tournament of the league: UEC - Saturn (Rybinsk), UOMZ (Yekaterinburg), Kola MMC (Monchegorsk), RN-Purneftegaz (Gubkinsky), PhosAgro (Cherepovets), Sukhoi Design Bureau (Moscow)

The final of season V will be held on December 9 (Saturday)