Building Structures Plant No. 1 (Omsk) - Champions!

On Saturday, April 20, the final tournament of the VI season of the International Online Chess Business League took place. 45 teams from Russia and Serbia took part, which were selected based on the results of industry tournaments in March and April. In total, more than 270 teams took part in the season.

As a result, the strongest was the Plant of building structures No. 1 (Omsk, consisting of: Konstantin Starosek, Oleg Zolotov, Boris Berkovich) with a score of 25.5 out of 33 possible. As a result, the Rubius team (Tomsk, consisting of: Egor Pakhomov, Sergey Zapolsky, Sergey Koshevoy). The UOMZ team (Yekaterinburg, consisting of Roman Zhilchenko, Stepan Balashov, Dmitry Perevozkin) is still a shelf behind. Only in terms of additional indicators, the Gazprom administration trade Union - 2 team lost to the bronze medalists

Next season (7th in a row) The International Online Chess Business League will be held in September-December this year.